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Milo Scaglioni : 'A Simple Present'

LP / DL / CD
aA release aA2w/068

Milo Scaglioni's debut has one foot in Manchester and one in Italy having lived and played in cult psych bands from both (Jim Noir, Beep Seals, Jennifer Gentle and Sonic Jesus).'A Simple Present' is a stripped back affair of folk-pop which nods to Gruff Rhys, Leonard Cohen, Fabrizio de Andrè and Village Green era Kinks, backed by some of Italy's most talented players..

Available to order now via Bandcamp


Songs For Walter : 'Songs For Walter'

LP / DL / CD
aA release aA2w/067

They say youth is wasted on the young. It’s something Walter, the late grandfather of guitar-wielding and song- writing troubadour of Manchester based Laurie Hulme, would probably have agreed with. As nom-de-plume Songs For Walter, Laurie’s eponymous debut album is a record that’s as much a brutally honest tribute to the legacy of Walter, as it is a stirring portrayal of Songs For Walter himself.

The album is an astute melodic recounting of his grandfather’s wildly curious tales. Whether telling of Walter’s dabbling with Communism in the 1930s on first single ‘Useless’, his hatred of space travel (‘Moon/Two Out Of Ten’) or his love story from first date (‘Meet Me At The Empire’) to being painted head to toe in iodine on his wedding day (‘Purple Blue’), brought together through Songs For Walter’s divergent take on alternative folk through placing dreamy lo-fi meanderings and indie rock punch.

Songs For Walter will be available on gatefold white 12" vinyl, CD and Digital Download; each version with a slightly different tracklisting, but all lovingly created with artwork featuring photographs from Laurie’s family album.

Available to order now via Bandcamp


PLANK : 'Hivemind'

LTD 12"/ DL / CD
aA release aA2w/066

It’s in the haze of a cloud of chirruping insects that Plank return, following the success of their mammal-concerning debut LP Animalism. Two years since that record gained plaudits and sold out vinyl run, the instrumental trio and have thematically splintered the number of beings on Hivemind, paying homage to the millions of arthropods without which our global eco-system could not survive. It’s apt enough, really, because Plank themselves have opened up a whole new sub-species of sounds, elements and textures beyond their previous environment too, each track giving the feel of an overall movement through differing habitual undergrowth.

Definitely an album designed for vinyl (its on 180 gram) with side A more song structures (King Crimson, Camel, Trans Am, Giorgio Moroder, Kling Klang, Agitation Free, Steve Reich) and side B should be listened to as one complete piece ala DJed by Tortoise or Echoes by Floyd.

Available via Bandcamp


PLANK! : 'Aphildelity / Babia Majora'

LTD 7"+ DL �4 +P&P
aA release aA2w/067

The long awaited new 7" single!

PLANK! have fully taken the plunge into gloriously off-kilter pop instrumentals and limb-seducing oscillations, with the new single �Aphidelity�. The soundscapey flip side ain't half bad either.

Available now via Bandcamp


Driver Drive Faster : 'To Return'

JOINT aA / STATIC CARAVAN Release VAN246 / aA2w/065

The long awaited new 7" single!

Following 2011�s supremely well-received debut album 'Open House', Driver Drive Faster are set to return with a brand new single, aptly named To Return and aptly sounding like the work of a band brimming with confidence and good feeling. The Manchester-based band recorded the track in Cornwall in July 2011. �Things were hampered slightly by the great weather � we spent a lot of time on the beach, swimming and having barbecues � but we also managed to get some songs together and they turned out suitably upbeat� says singer Dylan Giles. The track was recorded straight to tape, with the intention of creating a fresher, faster recording.

Driver Drive Faster - To Return'



PLANK! : 'Animalism'


Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/064

"instru-mentalists with maverick Krautrock vibes" Guardian Guide

Animalism imbues in it a real sense of freedom and exploration, free from a rigid structure or any sort of technique-based bragging rights. Plank!�s sonic vocabulary has allowed them to create truly character-shifting pieces beyond anything they�ve achieved before and, in the cases of the likes of �La Luna� and �Pig Sick,� breathe new life into songs already released as earlier incarnations. Numbers like �King Rat� and �Moolicks� are the first time the group has stretched into eight and nine-minute territory, though with their open-ended European avant-rock leaning style you sensed it was always a possibility. With their cornerstones of Krautrock, electronica, prog and rock, even hint of jazz, it's one of the most interesting albums to come out of Manchester for a good while.



BEAT THE RADAR : 'A Million Different People'

Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/061

�Fuck looking like a fashionista: this is indie music as it�s meant to be.. they mean every word.� The Fly

A landmark release for aA, this is the first time we�ve ever put out more than one album by the same band. Listen to A Million Different People and you can see why they stuck with BTR: this is an album in the great indie-pop tradition, full of jangling guitars, wide-eyed innocence and, in the track Eyes, inspired by singer Jonny�s young daughter Lyla, a storming lead single too. Where the first album described the process of moving from windswept Cumbria to inner city Manchester, this one describes their adaptation to city life � hence its closing title track, A Million Different People.



Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/060

Vaporous Light are the latest signings to Manchester's influential Akoustik Anarkhy Recordings. A Manchester-based three piece, they came together due to a mutual love of cinematic soundscapes and obscure soundtracks. With magic in their melodies, the eponymous debut album is full of finger picked steel strings teamed with a lovely palette of synths and percussion and offers the listener a rich selection of songs, sounds and textures to soundtrack crisp days and dark nights.

[ Download - ]




Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/059

"Driver Driver Faster's debut album is subtly magnificent... like a scrap book of our favourite bands" The Fly

�ghostly delight of a debut� Q

"Ambitious, big-vision pop... widescreen arrangements, ponderous piano and blissful country rock " Uncut

Following rave reviews for their newly released debut album Open House, Driver Drive Faster are set to release They May Talk as a single, backed by another album standout, Don�t Fall Apart on Akoustik Anarkhy Recordings. .

[ Download - ]




Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/054

Akoustik Anarkhy are very pleased to announce a joint venture in sound recording with Static Caravan – PLANK!’s first 7” single - Pick Sick (Remix) / Self Harm’ (VAN228 aA2w54) on a limited Edition of 400 7” vinyl on coloured wax in hand numbered reverse board sleeves.

Time spent on Manchester's underground live circuit has proved fruitful; both ‘Self Harm’ and ‘Pig Sick (Remix)’ convey a newly found free-form energy that encompasses an abundance of fresh ideas. ‘Self Harm’ bristles with a rugged math-rock intensity, confidently flitting between atmosphere-altering structures without ever fully leaving its stoic motorik; it’s indicative of PLANK!’s experimental side and willingness to incorporate a plethora of different elements within the studio..

7" VINYL - £3.99 + P&P [ Download - ]


Driver Drive Faster : 'Open House' Album

Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/058

Driver Drive Faster are a new band from Manchester, but you wouldn’t necessarily tell: this masterful debut album presents a rich, timeworn sound that exists somewhere between Americana and spectral indie rock. It’s crafted song-writing at its best, hinging on stirring chord sequences and moments of fragile beauty. “A review described us as ‘misfits’,” says singer/guitarist Dylan Giles. “We took it as a compliment.” Named Open House and recorded in the shared digs in which the entire band reside, the album was a labour of love begun in late 2009, poured over in 2010 and set for release in 2011. The result is a lush, layered record that slowly draws you into its world. Think Mercury Rev’s Deserter’s Songs for a new generation.

"Ambitious, big-vision pop" Uncut

Exclusive limited edition CD album with hand made paper sleeves - VERY LIMITED EDITION

VINYL - £10.99 + P&P

CD - £6.99 + P&P

[ Download - ]


Driver Drive Faster : 'It's All Over It's Everywhere'

Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/055

A fine slice of harmony-laden weirdo pop taken from Driver Drive Faster's forthcoming debut longplayer Open House.

[ Download - ]


Beat the Radar : 'Animals' CDR Single
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/052

“Animals” is the new single from Manchester's Beat The Radar (not on their debut album). Full of chiming guitars and a euphorically upbeat chorus that belies the actual subject matter of the song. With hint in
equal measures of Morrissey, the Manics and the Pixies at their most poptastic. This CDr single exclusive to the aA shop and only 100 copies made up (so hurry!) is backed by b side 'Kingsway' recorded at home - also only available on this format (ie. not on download).

CDR - £2 + P&P [ Download 'Animals' - ]


Soft Prirest : 'Enjoying Moths' CD Album
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/051

Enjoying Moths… is the debut album by aA's in-house sonic alchemist Softpriest, maker of madcap electronica and spinner of the best tunes you never heard.

Titled, simply enough, for Softpriest’s love of moths – so often considered the poor relation of butterflies – Enjoying Moths… is an uplifting, smile-inducing album with a rampant sense of joy, humour and excitement. Long influenced by Brian Wilson collaborator Van Dyke Parks, this is the Softpriest’s interpretation of Van Dyke gone disco; bonkers instrumental electronica that draws on the analogue production of Joe Meek, the futuristic reach of the Radiophonic Workshop and hints towards electronic pioneers Kinglsey & Perrey. The percussive style of Esquivel, and finds a niche in the crevice where video game scores meet choral vocals and 303 beats. It’s like pop music from another civilisation.

CD - £6.99 + P&P [ Download - ]

SPECIAL aA Shop EXCLUSIVE SP BUNDLE includes CD album, 4 tracks Done It! EP and SP v ILAS 7" - £10 + £3 P&P


The Smiles and Frowns CD Album & VERY LIMITED LP
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/050

"Candy-coated, possibly quite stoned sunshine pop with a healthy dose of that innocent psychedelia captured best by bands like The Zombies and The Hollies" - Mojo

The Smiles And Frowns album is the debut LP from Phoenix, Arizona’s The Smiles And Frowns, aka singer and multi-instrumentalist Adam Mattson and multi-instrumentalist Christopher James. A sparkling eight-track oddity, it’s a golden ticket into the duo’s strange, hugely imaginative world, comprising what the duo describe as “haunted train ride songs, children’s theme music songs and psychedelic science fiction songs”

This is an escapist fantasy world in which every song tells a story, a series of fables set to music that occupies a space somewhere between Randy Newman, Elliott Smith and Pink Floyd. Says Adam: “When I close my eyes, I see cartoons playing in the darkness of my mind, so I usually write about those”

We have a very limited run (25 copies) of The Smiles & Frowns album available on vinyl - each copy has been individually screen printed by the band & look pretty damn good..

Listen to The Smiles and Frowns here

CD - £6.99 + P&P [ Download - ]




Beat The Radar : 'Miracles / By The Sea'
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/048

Beat the Radar release their double A-sided single 'Miracles / By The Sea' - both tracks have been getting airplay on BBc Radio 1, 6music and Xfm.

As Channel 4 say "Other than the too-mannered jangles of the recent C86 revivalists, not many have tackled traditional indie lately.These Mancs do a superb job, imbuing their escapist reveries with passion, yet keeping bluster at bay thanks to Jonny Swift's mix of biting wit and the optimistic desire in his vocals.The music knows when best to go on the attack or focus wholly on the melodies. Trad, but forward-thinking too"

[ Download 'Miracles' ]

[ Download 'By The Sea' ]

More info from Beat The Radar's Myspace


Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/049

"Think Fugazi crossed with Slint crossed with Stereolab crossed with awesome." Guardian Guide

Hot off the press and not so fresh from lurking the backstreets of Manchester's seedier side come brand new act PLANK! Fushing dark rhythmic experimental instrumental sprawlings and electronic soundscapes with a motorik manifesto. This is their debut 4 track EP.

In their short existence PLANK! have already shared the stage and dance floor with likeminded souls Fujiya & Miyagi, The Phantom Band, Crystal Antlers, The Time & Space Machine, Zombie Zombie, Lung, Rotter And Seven and Onedia.

CD - £2.99 + P&P

Free Gallops remix of Plank! with every purchase!


Beat The Radar : 'To The City, From The Sea' CD Album
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/047

“Fuck looking like a fashionista: this is indie music as it’s meant to be.. they mean every word.” The Fly

If you’re starting to feel that indie music has lost its heart, then Beat The Radar may be the antidote to your malaise. BTR’s debut album, To The City, From The Sea, is packed with heart-on-their-sleeve lyrics, raw vocals, chunky guitars and big, pop choruses. “I know that mountains of other bands also say they have the above,” says singer Jonny Swift, “But I just think they don’t do it as well as us.”

The four Cumbrian exiles moved to Manchester to launch their band, reasoning that they’d be best placed in the home of their idols The Smiths, New Order, The Fall and The Stone Roses. But there’s more in Beat The Radar’s mix – a rich seam of US indie influences from Sonic Youth to early REM, Mission Of Burma and Sebadoh. It’s a rag-tag sound, but they’re a rag-tag bunch – this is not your over-styled, too-cool-for-school indie band. “We actually spend time focusing on writing some proper tunes rather than our haircuts,” says Jonny.

Named for their move from the wilds of the far northwest coast to inner city Manchester, To The City, From The Sea was recorded with producer Tom Knott (Micah P Hinson, King Creosote, The Courteeners, Emmy The Great, The Ting Tings) at Airtight Studios in Chorlton.

The finished result is a proper, old fashioned debut album: plenty of upbeat songs, a couple of downbeat ones, and a brilliantly raw distillation of Beat The Radar’s raucous live shows. In keeping with the title, some songs are inspired by nights out in Manchester – Stars came from a night looking up in a city centre beer garden, Pretend You Play Guitar from watching a guy playing air guitar in a club – others come from those Lake District days, such as early composition By The Sea. Of those, there’s often a sense of escapism and frustration – 18,19, 20, 21, 22 reflects on lyricist Jonny’s formative years, and Passenger provides a contemplative counterpart to the album’s freewheeling spirit.

Preview tracks & check out the videos @

CD - £7 + P&P [ Download - ]


Sam And Me : 'The Battle Of Hemsby' CD Album
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/044

After 5 years of perfecting their harmonious pop, Sam and Me have recorded a debut album to cherish, a bed sit Flaming Lips if you like with echoes of Harpers Bizarre, Heatmiser (Elliot Smith's band), Kings Of Convenience, early Lemonheads filtered through 90's arcade and games consoles.

A swirl of soundscapes and textures fill 'The Battle of Hemsby' to the brim in tales of the seaside (they hail from Brighton), tube rides and holidays. Their trademark, intricate vocal harmonies are matched by lush production and frequency-filling arrangements - it's a feast of the senses. These guys have been part of aA for as long as we can remember and we're chuffed to bits to be putting their record out.

Preview tracks & check out the videos @

CD - £7 + P&P [ Download - ]


Album comes with Sam and Me 'Sonic Boomerang' 7", Sam and Me-branded chip fork & a seasidetastic polaroid print!



Beat The Radar : 'Telephone Conversation' CDR Single
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/045

“Fuck looking like a fashionista: this is indie music as it’s meant to be.. they mean every word.” The Fly

Telephone Conversation is the debut single from adopted Mancunians Beat The Radar. Built on spiky guitars and superfast drums, it speaks of something we’ve all experienced – the strange sensation of receiving too much information about a stranger’s life via an unavoidably overheard phone call. “The idea for the song came one day when I was making the daily tedious train journey from Lancaster to Manchester,” says singer Jonny Swift. “There was a girl sat in front of me, she was on the phone telling the whole train about her entire life story. Talk about annoying…”

You know the fuckers, those annoying students on the forty bus route into town every morning which make your jounrney to work even worse. If you were so fucked - how come you can remember exactly how many units of alcohol you drank last nite and exactly what you did!? Go and pay some taxes.

Plus it's a top tune (& you get a free poster when you buy it from here!)

CDR - £2.00 +P&P (with free poster!)


[ Download - ] ________________________________________________________

its a buffalo : 'Don't Be Scared' LP
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/040

Following a groundswell of support in their home city of Manchester, its a buffalo (all lower case, no apostrophe please) are set to release their barnstorming debut album Don’t Be Scared.

its a buffalo are four best mates who also happen to be in a band. Together, they’ve forged their own distinctive sound - Million Dollar Bash Rock n Roll kids - built on drums hit hard – really hard – plus chiming riffs and the perfectly contrasted voices of lead singers Ben and Steve (Ben’s the one with the rasp; Steve has the cleaner tone).

We reckon it’s the kind of record we’ve been waiting for, for yonks: a heartfelt, rabble rousing debut by a gang to believe in. Mark our words – there’ll be hordes of fans copying Ben’s trademark ‘80s tennis player look by the end of year. Chalk flew up. Don’t be scared.

"In their mind these Manc newbies are a kind of depression-era US
country band. In reality they're a bawdy indie pop group from
Manchester. So it's a winning trick that lets them keep one
convincing foot in each world without their breeches tearing. An
irresistible debut
." Uncut

CD - £8.99 +P&P (with free tour CD!)

[ Download - ]


its a buffalo : 'Marbles / Belt me in the back'
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/039

Marbles is its a buffalo’s latest single, a live favourite and a total earworm, with its chiming guitar riff and shout along chorus about, well, losing your marbles. Loud, lo-fi and utterly irresistible, it’s the perfect example of its a buffalo’s alt-country tinged take on Mancunian anthemia. Belt Me in the Back - the rambunctious B-side to Marbles is an cock eyed country ramble punctuated with off beat drums. Opening as a slow burner, it comes to life with its shouty, acapella chorus’s mined from the same seam as the local colliery. Rough, ready and sprawling with melody.

Each 7" ordered comes with free signed IAB artwork!

Download the single by clicking here

7" - £3.50 +P&P


Cats In Paris : 'Courtcase 2000' CD
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/037

This review says it best:

"Cats In Paris are by far and away the best band in Manchester. When I first saw them live I was stunned that something this good could exist so near to me and its only gotten better since. Amidst a vast horde of bad post-rock and tame folk types Cats In Paris stride over England´s cultural second city like… well, that giant cat in the Monty Python sketch or something. Eating cars"

CD - £8.99 +P&P


[ Download - ] _______________________________________________


Cats In Paris : 'Foxes / Terrapins'
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/035

"Berserk soundscapes & a cacophonic onslaught of bonkers percussion and strings, trust me it's an orgy for the senses." THE FLY

Foxes is the debut single by aA's latest signing, 'Cats in Paris' and is a thrilling baroque prog-pop epic, with punky boy girl call and response vocals and a massive arpeggiated synth riff that develops in to a beautifully complex and wonky indie-pop anthem. Expect sweeping strings with chimes and glockenspiel, synth and recorder, chugging bass and acrobatic percussion & sweet instrumental breakdowns. Comparisons have been made to Deerhoof, Los Campesinos, The Apes, Dirty Projectors & Fat Worm of Error, but the fact is they are simply a thoroughly modern band, who, whilst admittedly an urbane savvy & serious ensemble, aren't afraid to be irreverent or complicit with the zietgeist when the mood takes them. Eitherway Cats in Paris are certainly twisting more than a few discerning ears and are surely spearheading the melodic noise scene currently keeping things interesting in Manchester

7" - £2.99 +P&P

SOLD OUT! [ Download - ] _______________________________________________

Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/036

Brand new EP from its a buffalo featuring the 4 tracks (Climb Climb,
Broken Toy, Divorce Song, Somewhere in Range) from their sell out debut 7” Singles on Akoustik Anarkhy

CD - £3.00 plus £1 P&P


Neil Burrell : 'White Devil's Day Is Almost Over'
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/031
Towards The Hills / Laughing Child / One Half Asleep

“there’s enough beauty and invention to mark this space cadet out as a genuine talent” Uncut

“Burrell’s music is so pastoral, his world so psychedelic, he could have been raised in a mushroom meadow.” Q

In a world where avant folk graces every mobile phone ad on the telly, Neil Burrell is a refreshing addition to the fray. (Try selling a new tariff with these tracks - we dare you). A major new talent, Burrell follows in the long lineage of weird, wonderful and truly individual artists that includes Syd Barrett, Captain Beefheart, Six Organs of Admittance, Roy Harper, Nick Drake, Meic Stevens, The North Sea and Devandra Banhart. But Neil is in a far out English pasture of his own.

White Devil's Day Is Almost Over , Burrell's debut album, offers a frosted window into his beguiling world. Recorded on a micro-budget in locations ranging from a basement in Leeds to a junkyard, the distinct lo-fi aesthetic gives White Devil's Day the feeling of a long-lost classic.

“On some songs, when I had no money to buy stands and stuff, I had to wrap the microphone cord around the main light bulb,” says Neil. “I liked the echo in that room. It had no carpet and only two chairs, and the heat from the light bulb's tag created a little buzz on one or two tracks.”

CD - £7.00 +P&P [ Download - ]


The Loungs : 'Googly Moogly'
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/034
Googly Moogly

The third single to be taken from debut album "We Are The Champ", "Googly Moogly" finds the Loungs serving one of the most joyous two and a half minutes of near-nonsense ever laid on wax. Here, surf-pop and close harmonies rub shoulders with country rock guitars and a floaty middle-eight. The outcome: sheer pop perfection.

Ltd 7" - £2.99 +P&P
Limited edition - 300 copies only


Neil Burrell : 'Ooompa Zoompa / Evelyn' Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/033  Oompa Zoompa   “Burrell has made a staggeringly psychadelic bit of oddness'” Mixmag   

Even in a musical worlde where avant folk is almost de rigeur & gracing every mobile phone ad on the telly,  Neil Burrell is a welcome and somewhat astonishing addition to the fray. This young man's songs follow a long lineage of weird, wonderful and truly individual artists that brings to mind, Six Organs of Admittance, Syd Barrett through Robert Wyatt, Captain Beefheart, James Blackshaw, Roy Harper, Nick Drake, Meic Stevens, The North Sea and even Devandra Banhart. But obvious references to these artistes are futile as Neil Burrell is in a far out English pasture of his own.

Ltd 7" - £2.99 +P&P


Autokat : 'Innocence / Short Circuit' 
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/030 Innocence   “A kind of bleak alternative soundtrack to Shameless” Uncut   

“just fantastic…they get better and better with each listen” The Guardian

“It’s grim up North – but great – with these new Mancunians” Word

‘Innocence’ is the new single lifted from Autokat’s debut album ‘Late
Night Shopping’ and is backed with a brand new track ‘Short Circuit’
resulting in a double aA side single of the truest sense. ‘Innocence’ is a short, sharp rush of punky guitar driven pop and is perhaps the
most instantly accessible track from the album. It is followed here by a dark brooding building number ‘Short Circuit’, a brand new recording and perhaps inclining into the bands next direction, perhaps not.

Ltd 7" - £2.99 +P&P [ Download - ]


its a buffalo : 'Divorce Song'
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/029
Divorce Song

Last Autumn Its A Buffalo stomped out into the world with a debut single "Broken Toy" / "Climb Climb". Styled somewhere between Animal Collective and "Exile"-era Stones jamming at Bob Dylan's Million Dollar Bash they've picked up some plaudits and chanting fans along the way and since then have been busy honing their sound on the road. This double A-Side follow up demonstrates the progress they have made - with two songs of genuine radio- friendly quality whilst maintaining their trademark 3-man shouty vocals and rough-country groove.

Ltd 7" - £2.99 +P&P [ Download - ]



The Loungs : 'We Are The Champ' LP
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/028
Im Gonna Take Your Girl / Armageddon Outta Here

We Are The Champ is the debut album from The Loungs. A six piece band-cum-gang, The Loungs produce kaleidoscopic pop in a grey world – music filled with colour and sunshine, peppered with trumpets, time changes, made-up words and catchy, singalong choruses, File next to Super Furry Animals, The Beta Band, ELO and that weird album you bought in the Age Concern shop because you liked the cover...

“The Loungs want to fuck with your head…crazed Beach Boys acid-pop and psychedelic sea shanties” nme

'postively majestic' Word.

"Classy pop melodies…The Loungs lace their love of finger-clicking 50s rock'n'roll and ‘60s surf-pop with frenzied horns and the odd bit of
acid-fried silliness” Uncut

Vinyl LP - £7.00 +P&P

CD Digipack - £7.00 +P&P

[ Download - ] _______________________________________________________

Islands Lost At Sea / Soft Priest : 'Way We Played It Yesterday / Study Bunk Breakout'
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/027

Islands lost at Sea are 1 Part early Beta Band plus a smattering of the toy town folksy aspects of Eureka period Jim O Rourke,
with a nod to the more adventurous outings of Stereolab, (if Ry Cooder had been in the band, that is), the Islands lost at Sea have produced a debut 7" that is as genuine as it is original and a fine example of pure unspoiled Northern lo-fi pop. Sounding as fresh as clutch of minature snow drops, this record signals the early coming of spring, forget blaming those pesky green house gases, it was the Islands lost at Sea that done it. Soft Priest's ‘Study Bunk Breakout’ starts like some kind of cartoon disturbed national anthem, maybe for a country no-one has yet or will ever want to go to. If it was a piece of writing it would be a unsolicited insult scrawled in snot up the back of a seat on the 192 bus. Best consumed after a butty box full of mushies, not for drones only for spoons.

"each band here is inventive and totally individualist. ILAS mix lo-fi
acid riffs, psychedelic pop harmonies, Stone Roses basslines and what
sound like kazoos. SP go instrumental with rave riffs, mad flutes and
slap bass." Mixmag

Ltd 7" - £2.99 +P&P



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