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The Loungs : 'Armageddon Outta Here'
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/026
Armageddon Outta Here

Coming at you ahead of The Loungs' debut 'WE ARE THE CHAMP' LP is "Armageddon Outta Here", a handclapping, head-bobbing slice of pop perfection. An exercise in simplicity, it contains only two lines of lyrics, but in the words of the band, 'still crams in love, death and war'. It's a tight fit, but they also squeeze in trumpets, glockenspiel, guitars and an intentionally incongruous - but wonderful - string arrangement. The deliciously bonkers B-side is another gem from the band that at once recall the best bits of Super Furry Animals, The Beta Band, The Housemartins and the songs off Sesame Street.

Ltd 7" - £2.99 +P&P [ Download - ]


Autokat : 'Late Night Shopping' LP
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/025
Shot / Dish Out / The Driver

‘Late Night Shopping’ is the debut album from Manchester’s Autokat and indeed marks a debut for Manchester’s influential collective/label Akoustik Anarkhy (aA). Having been kicking and screaming their way through nearly a decade of club nights and parties, the driving force of the rejuvenated sound of Manchester’s underground comes to a head with this album. Described by the band as a tense, turbulent album born from the paranoia of urban life and the hangover of too much partying, ‘Late Night Shopping’ is an indie classic in waiting.

“Autokat are already able to realise the kind of intelligent post-Britrock sound that few others seem able to manage.” The Independent

"Mesmirising and thoroughly engrossing” Artrocker

"Fine debut from melodic and moody Mancunians" 4/5 Uncut

CD Digipack Album - £7.00 +P&P [ Download - ]

Vinyl Album - £7.00 +P&P


Autokat : 'Shot / Seven Years'
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/024

In advance of their debut album, Autokat's third single wets the appetite for what promises to be one of the most exciting independent records to come out of Manchester for years. "Shot" / "Seven Years" continues the Autokat story following last year's highly rated singles "The Driver" and "Dish Out". In "Shot" the sound is typical Kat - sinister pop with a propelling beat and mantra vocal to soundtrack a dark night or velvet morning.

Ltd 7" - £2.99 +P&P [ Download - ]


its a buffalo : 'Broken Toy / Climb Climb'
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2W/023
Broken Toy

Still only a handful of gigs old, this is the debut single from its a buffalo. These two country tinged tracks capture their rawness and simplicity perfectly.

Ltd 7" - £2.99 +P&P [ Download - ]

SOLD OUT! _____________________________________________________________

Autokat : 'Dish Out / Get Off The Bar'
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/022
Dish Out

Another fine slice of upbeat, cranked up, experimental guitar pop from Autokat.

Ltd 7" - £2.99 +P&P [ Download - ]


Thomas Truax : 'Have We Been Left Behind?'
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2W/021
Have We Been Left Behind?

Limited edition 7" only release from Thomas Traux, a pioneer of New York's anti-folk movement. NME describes him as a, 'New York anti-folk genius who aligns the grizzled psychedelic yawn of Captain Beefheart with the rag'n'bone rock bomp of a tick-addled wino one-man band.'

Ltd 7"- £2.99 + P&P


The Loungs : 'I'm Gonna Take Your Girl'
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2W/020
Im Gonna Take Your Girl

An unashamedly catchy slice of upbeat psyche-pop from this larger than life six piece band.

Ltd 7"- SOLD OUT! [ Download - ] ____________________________________________________________

Soft Priest : 'Done It EP'
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2W/019CD
Done It

The "Done It!" EP is the debut release from Akoustik Anarkhy's resident DJ Soft Priest. Strictly limited to 500 copies only. described by the man himself as 'rave damaged pop', this left of mainstream creation fits neatly on both dancefloor and headphones.

CD Single - £2.99 +P&P [ Download - ]


Sam And Me : 'Sonic Boomerang'
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/018
Sonic Boomerang
The Path

Sam and Me's debut single "Sonic Boomerang" gives us the first glimpse of their magical world. A sweet Summery pop song with tight vocal harmonies, over a bright melodic backing that's interspersed with loads of odd psychedelic bursts, intricate piano, strings, squelchy synths and electronic squiggles that pop up and disappear just as quickly. There's even a little blast of Flaming Lips who are an obvious influence on the duo. Track two, "The Path" is a live favourite and on record it takes on a new life with a country twist.

Ltd 7" - aA2w/018 - £2.49 +P&P

CD Single -aA2w/018CD - £1.99 +P&P


Various Artists : 'Akoustik Anarkhy - Class aA: Beyond Entertainment'
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/017
Autokat - The Driver
Harrisons - Man Of The Hour
Nine Black Alps - Over The Ocean
Longcut - Transition (Live)

Since it's humble beginnings in a tiny front room of a dodgy boozer in Manchester's red light district, Akoustik Anarkhy's empire has expanded to include a label which is now getting on for twenty releases old. This compilation contains music by some of the label's favourite acts, some you should know already, some you may not. All of them have helped to cement aA's reputation as a haven for alternative underground talent. The line-up features eleven tracks from: Autokat, Loose Canon, Harrisons, Soft Priest, Sam & Me, Jack Cooper & The Beep Seals, The Exports, Nine Black Alps, Pierre Hall, The Longcut and Yacht Club.

LP - aA2w/017LP - £9.99 +P&P

CD - aA2w/017CD - £5.99 +P&P


Loose Canon : 'Altercation'
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/016

This Empire We've Created

Following on from the excellent "Cruising On The 86" single, Loose Canon return with this new single. Starting off with slow atmospheric guitars before exploding into a pacier, driven guitar blast, topped with their distinctive narrative vocals.

Ltd 7"- £2.49 +P&P


Autokat : The Driver
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2W/015
The Driver

The debut single from Manchester favourites Autokat is a cool slice of beat driven guitar psych. Despite the traditional line up of guitars, drums, bass and vocal, their varied listening habits have created an unusual sound that's hard to pigeonhole. "The Driver" is pure pounding sonic momentum which sounds genuinely exciting, while on the flip, "Television" is angular punk pop at it's finest.

Ltd 7"- SOLD OUT! [ Download - ] ___________________________________________________________

Yacht Club : 'YC001'
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/014

Taxi Is Driving
What Does That Smile Mean
Open Your Eyes
Yacht One

There is an air of mystery surrounding Yacht Club . They have yet to play live and bar a couple of versions of " Yacht One" finding their way onto the decks of some of Manchester's alternative music nights, no one knows much about them... From the opening tripping beats on "Taxi Is Driving", which could be an acid laced sci fi Dick Dale-esque Tarrintino soundtrack, you get the feeling you're in for a journey of musical enlightenment. Sounds and sequences you can't locate or recall ever hearing before. "Open Your Eyes" is a haunting electronic trip hop that introduces the etheral vocals of Yacht Club , before the dark, sinister and brooding "What Does That Smile Mean?" which displays an underlying beauty and innocence within the darkness. " Yacht One" closes the EP in an upbeat manner, guitar led moodiness that's brimming with confidence, excitement and fitting crescendo to this truly eclectic mix of a record.

Ltd 12" - £3.99 +P&P


Loose Canon : Cruising On The 86
Acoustik Anarkhy aA2w/013
Cruising On The 86

Recorded in a weekend away in Falmouth, this is their first material recorded in a 'proper studio' and the results are a huge leap from their previous 'lo-fi' efforts. The title track "Cruising On The 86" (which refers to the bus route Noel travels everyday) is a brooding epic of a track with squally guitars and a relentless punk-funk-ish rhythm weighing in at just short of five minutes long. Should make fans of Interpol, British Sea Power and the like sit up and listen!

Ltd 7" - £2.99 +P&P


Loose Canon : 'What Comes Next?'
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2W/012
What Comes Next

Two track 7" from Loose Canon. "What Comes Next?" has choppy guitars, thumping bass and gritty melodic vocals over a rolling drum beat. "Take These Eyes" on the flip, is less moody, but no less powerful. Well worth checking out.

7" - £2.49 +P&P
Limited quantities of these, so grab one while you can.



Various Artists : 'Whores On The Door (Songs In The Key Of aA)'
Akoustik Anarkhy aA2w/010

Autokat - Gun

Compilation of bands who have appeared at Manchester's legendary Akoustik Anarkhy nights. An eclectic line up of ten bands / artists - Autokat, Roger, The Zans, The Hokum Clones, Loose Canon, Silvasurfa, Icons Of Poundland, Giant Planets, David Novan and Lego. Tracks from some of the bands to watch over the coming months.

LP - aA2w/010LP- £9.99 +P&P limited copies left!

CD - aA2w/010CD - £4.99 +P&P


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